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During the last 12 years we have been the industry leader in insurance and tax preparation in Concord, North Carolina. We are a group of people who believe in combining excellent service with great prices. We are well known for being there when our customer needs us and our affordable prices. We do not believe that people should over pay for tax preparation or insurance services at all. Our services range from individual income tax, sole proprietorship, book keeping, notary and pay roll. As well as insurance for every need automotive, health, life , dental, vision, property, casualty, worker's compensation, and liability. You need it we have it! 


Saul Cardoza

Co-Founder & CEO

Ana Martinez

Co-Founder & CEO

Miguelina Creswell 

Accounting Director


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Tel: 704-720-0633

2401 Poplar Tent Rd

Concord, North Carolina

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